June 1, 2012


Hey, all! Welcome to my new book blog. I used to have one before for a few years, but I shut it down about six months ago to focus on other things. I decided to restart my blog after reading some great books and feeling the need to gush about them in a review.

This is mainly a review blog, but I will sometimes post about other book-related topics and probably have giveaways in the future. I have many reviews to catch up on. Since I shut down my other blog and stopped reviewing, I have read too many books to count. Not all of them will be reviewed, as some are for research and studying and just personal things. You can keep up with those, however, if you're interested, by visiting my Goodreads page. I will attempt to review some of the others. Also, apologies ahead of time, as the reviews might not be up to par. Having to scratch at my memory of all these is quite difficult, but I will do my best.

Hope to see you around. And thanks for following/viewing. :)