March 12, 2013

Oh my...

Oh my, indeed! Spend hours and hours and hours on making a layout and hours and hours and hours copying and pasting and editing your old reviews from your previous blog to this one and then POOF! Nothing.

I've honestly no idea how I went from preparing for a new review blog to opening it to never writing a single review for it. When I think back, I can't remember much about making this let alone why I chose never to see it through. Sad, don't you think?

However, after a very slow reading season, I figured getting back into reviewing would help get me back into reading. I've missed it and I've missed reviewing in many ways. So my goal for the next few weeks is to update with at least two-three new reviews.

To do it, I think I need a magician. Maybe that's why I went with the circus theme. Hmm...

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