March 17, 2014

Harry Potter Read-and-Watch-the-Movie-athon!

It's hard to believe I grew up with this franchise. No, I wasn't one of the Harry Potter fans who begged their parents to drive them to the bookstore the second it opened to get the next book in the series or to the movie theater to see the movies, but nevertheless, I am a huge fan. There's nothing like snuggling in bed, with a HP book or with a bowl of popcorn to watch the movie, on a cold winter night.

In October, I visited the Harry Potter Studios ('at's in London!) and of course returned home feeling hungry for a Harry Potter Movie-athon. And then, after receiving the brand new Harry Potter covers for Christmas--one of the best gifts ever--I couldn't help the sudden urge to read them all again too. Thus formed the Harry Potter Read-and-Watch-the-Movie-athon at the beginning of the year.

Even though I didn't get to complete it in January like I planned, or even February--thank you work life--I still finished it and I still enjoyed myself. How I have never done this before is a question I can never answer.

Reviews are relatively pointless. I mean, who doesn't love Harry Potter? Actually, don't answer that. I've run into too many folks just this past year who said they either a) hated Harry Potter, b) had an ehhh...opinion about them, or c) never read or even watched them. What is this blasphemy?

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