Hello, fellow book lovers. You can call me Jayne. (Or Evie, for those of you who know me.)

I wouldn't call myself an avid reader like I would have a year ago, mainly because being a bank teller at an incredibly busy bank makes for very little reading time. However, I want to change that. I mostly read YA, but have begun to branch out into the regular fiction world. Before working at the bank, I used to work at a main chain bookstore and I must say, working there changed me quite a bit, making me question my alphabet and cross to the dark side with a Nook. And I also have to admit, I preferred bookstores before I worked in them. They're more stressful than you think. Respect thy bookstore and its employees. They work hard.

In my spare time, I love to write, learn calligraphy, read about Titanic--from her creation to the people aboard to the studies of her sinking--and study languages (French and Russian, mostly). History is sort of an undercover passion of mine. I love to read anything about WWI, WWII, anything in the 1900-1914, and most definitely anything in the late 1800s. My favorite time periods ever, for no reason in particular.

In May/June of 2012, I decided to restart my book blog after reading so many fantastic books in a row and realizing I wanted to write and share my thoughts once again. But life got in the way the second I opened up the blog and I didn't write a single review. And then along came this blog...and the same thing happened. But now I'm back, and hopefully for good. I'm starting to find myself again and that writing and reading have been what's missing in my life.

My reviews are just what they are--mine. I don't expect everyone to agree, and of course I will try and be as respectful to the authors/publishers/agents as possible, no matter what I think of the book. About my reviews, you'll notice differences between my current reviews and reviews I wrote a year or two or three or four, or even almost five years, ago. Some of those reviews I plan on rewriting after a current re-read, and I also would like to re-read books that I've rated but never reviewed. The list of rated, but not reviewed books, is on the Reviews page.

I very much love hearing recommendations from you all and look forward to getting back into the blogging world. Thanks for reading! :)